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Music is a part of life, everywhere you go there is music. People like different types of music, you could say that it is a lifestyle and shows a persons personality. Music has many different types or genres that differ greatly. From Alternative to World the list is big but people know what they like. 


Good song? comment feelings toward it

Flosstradamus have good songs i would like to see more from them, their mixes are really great they have a unique style that is hard to find with many dj’s.

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Rap Radar

I really like the ‘Rap Radar’ blog, it is interesting to see the different layouts of blogs. This blog has a nice setup and a nice look to it, the theme is well thought of for the subject of rap music. The blog has updates very often so the viewers and followers can stay updated a lot. This blog overall is a great online blog to keep updated with.

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Parade – Matchbox Twenty

Comment your opinions about the Matchbox Twenty album “North” and thoughts on their tour coming up

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